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Pornstar Martini

Passionfruit based drink using vodka and liqueur to mix a sweet drink that’s a firm favourite. Served with a shot of bubbles on the side.


A citrusy classic flown in straight from the city. Vodka and Orange liqueur help form the lovely pink colour we all love.

White / Black Russian

Whether you prefer cream or coke, this coffee liqueur suits all coffee lovers

Lemon Cheesecake

Big desserts fan? This drink is for you, tasting exactly like a cheesecake with our mixture of lovely liqueurs.

Caribbean Mule

Bringing a little piece of paradise to you! This Havana based drink takes you back to your holidays.


It’s up to you, choose from raspberry, strawberry, peach, passionfruit and mango. Mix the right drink for you with the bubbles.

Vanilla & Apple Twist

Have a sweet tooth? This is your drink tasting just like the forbidden fruit sprinkled in sugar.

Gin & Elder Collins

Mixture of elderflower and London dry gin with citrus. Brings a little bit of a sour taste into a sweet drink

The Mummy

Havana run twisted with passionfruit and lime to give a little kick that isn’t so hard to swallow

2 for 10.00

Available Sunday to Friday until 9pm


Cherry Bomb

Mixture of cherry flavoured vodka and grenadine with Red Bull to bring a sweet and tart flavour.

Skittle Bomb

Cointreau which is an orange flavoured liqueur is mixed with Red Bull to make this drink taste like you’re eating a skittle.

Messy / Jager Bomb

The bomb that everyone knows so well, Jägermeister or Messerschmitt in a shot with Red Bull to accompany it.

Glitter Bomb

Everyone loves pretty drink with Goldschlager and Red Bull this drink makes you feel like a rock star.

Berry Bomb

Raspberry and Red Bull this bomb has fruity elements which make it taste lovely.

Dr Pepper Bomb

This bomb is a little different as instead of an energy drink to mix, it’s cola. With amaretti as your shot this drink really does taste like Dr Pepper.

Tick Tack

Manderin vodka as the base this bomb could almost be classed as a cocktail with two extra ingredients Red Bull and orange juice.

Smart Bomb

Two alchohols in this one bomb is a little different, Jägermeister and mandarin vodka mixed together with Red Bull.

Nuclear Sludge

This drink is a twist on the classic bomb with Jägermeister mixed with lemonade.

3.00 each or 4 for 10.00

Available All Week

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